How can I save electricity?



Peak periods

Peak periods

The sustained population and economic growth of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi means increased pressure on resources, especially electricity.

A need for change

When everyone uses electricity at the same time, we create a rise in energy use called "peak demand". This generally happens between early afternoon and early evening. Meeting this demand has several negative consequences. Apart from the enormous strain on the electrical grid, it requires securing adequate electricity generating capacity. This is considered expensive and wasteful because this allocated capacity is only needed during periods of peak demand. During off-peak time, some power plants lay idle. Ultimately, it makes the cost of delivering electricity to your home much higher.

You can help ease the demand during peak period by shifting your consumption to the off-peak period, before 2 pm and after 8 pm.


Figure 1: Typical residential electricity Demand during the day with illustration on peak shifting


Powerwise peak shifting EN 20140907

How Can I shift electricity usage to off-peak period?

You may follow these easy tips to shift your electricity usage to off-peak periods:  

  • Do your laundry and ironing outside peak hours and wash your clothes in cold water
  • Turn on the dishwasher after 8pm and select the economy setting
  • Lower your electricity usage during periods when the prices are higher
  • Set the air conditioning a few degrees warmer during the afternoon
  • Turn appliances such as the computer, radio and TV off when they are not in use
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • Turn off the water heater once the water is hot
  • Clean or replace your air conditioner's filter every month to reduce your cooling costs and help your unit run more efficiently