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March 20, 2013

Earth Day

04:00 am - 04:00 am
International day

Earth Day Network completed a tree-planting project in central Uganda today that saw 350,000 trees planted in three high-poverty districts: Kiboga-Kyankwanzi, Kayunga and Kamuli. We planted the trees in partnership with Trees for the Future and local farmers as the first phase of our September 2012 commitment to the Global Poverty Project to plant 10 million trees in impoverished areas of the world in five years.

In the Kiboga-Kyankwanzi District, farmers are planting trees for fuel wood, animal fodder, construction materials, and intercropping. In the Kayunga District, families are planting trees for timber, to prevent soil erosion and mitigate the effects of storms, and to create living fences to protect their land from being seized by corrupt and influential farmers. In the Kamuli District, farmers are planting trees to create boundaries on their land and to provide fodder for cattle, which they are keeping to produce raw material for a biogas project in the district.