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23 Jul 2013

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company's summer campaign proves resounding success

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company's summer campaign proves resounding success

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company's 'Turn it off. Stay in the green' summer campaign designed in collaboration with the Emirate's Waterwise and Powerwise offices, initiatives of the Regulation and Supervision Bureau (the Bureau) has proven a resounding success.

 The two-week campaign publicised tips to 'Stay in the Green' during the hot summer months with the use of interactive displays located in Khalidiyah Mall followed by Dalma Mall.

Eng. Mohammed Bin Jarsh, ADDC's Managing Director, said, "We are delighted by the response to our summer campaign. The highest consumption of water and electricity traditionally occurs during the summer months. We wanted to help consumers understand that rather than using more they could use resources more efficiently. This campaign helped to drive that message home."

Running for two weeks from 24 June to 8 July, the campaign built on existing messages that resonated with the public. 'Turn it Off' was launched by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi and is instantly recognisable to travellers due to the large light switch and water tap dominating the walkway in the busy Abu Dhabi airport. This time a giant bulb and switch were used by ADDC as symbolic displays. 'Stay in the Green' was visible across the emirate last year when the Al Ain and Abu Dhabi distribution companies, along with the Bureau, introduced their 'Are you in the red or are you in the green' campaign to highlight the introduction of the new water and electricity bills.

Waterwise and Powerwise interactive games attracted over 1,000 people for a chance to test their 'green' knowledge about water and electricity consumption.

Khadija Bin Braik, Manager of the Waterwise office, expressed her delight on the success, "We're very happy with the number of people who engaged with us throughout the campaign. Water is something that we all take for granted in Abu Dhabi. The smallest changes to how we use resources can make a significant difference. Simply taking shorter showers or washing cars with a bucket instead of a hose will have a real impact. What we do now will shape the future for the next generation, water is precious and we need to recognise it and treat it as such," added Bin Braik.

Ramiz Alaileh, Manager of the Powerwise office, explained, "This campaign is one of many of our initiatives to save electricity and help consumers understand its true value. The highest consumption levels of electricity are in summer, mainly due to the increased use of air conditioning units."

"We recognise the needs of consumers and understand that any changes must be acceptable to the lifestyle of residents in the region where the hot summer months can be unbearable. So we provided tips to save electricity that are easy to implement and, when used consistently throughout the summer can lead to significant savings," concluded Alaileh.