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9 Jan 2013

Launch of Waterwise and Powerwise

Launch of Waterwise and Powerwise


The launch, in lead up to the sixth World Future Energy Summit 2013 (WFES) and the International Water Summit (IWS) to be held in Abu Dhabi this week, is part of a wider initiative by The Bureau to conserve natural resources and move towards a sustainable future.

"A sustainable water and electricity sector is not only about investing in green technologies; and it is not the sole responsibility of the Government. We all have an essential role in helping to conserve our natural resources," says Nick Carter, Director General of The Bureau.

Operating as separate offices under The Bureau, both entities' purpose among other aims, is to encourage behavioural change among residents of the Emirate through increased awareness and education. The wise use of water and electricity is essential to the sustainable management of these resources, as well as financial savings for consumers.

In addition to providing recommendations for consumers on improving water and electricity efficiency, both offices also act as authoritative information centres in Abu Dhabi for the promotion and shaping of effective efficiency strategies.

Carter adds: "How we use electricity and water in our daily lives ultimately impacts on its continuous long-term supply. Consumers who are in the habit of using electricity and water wisely not only contribute to the conservation of our natural environment, but also make savings to their household budgets."

Ramiz Alaileh, Manager of Powerwise, explains that electricity peak demand is expected to double within the next 10 years - putting pressure not only on the energy sector, but on the environment as well.

"By helping consumers understand the value of electricity, we can motivate them to change their habits to reflect more efficient use of this valuable resource. Powerwise is committed to raising this awareness. We aim to create grassroots understanding around the critical issues of energy consumption in the emirate," Alaileh says.

According to Khadija Bin Braik, Manager of Waterwise, a significant amount of the potable water produced in the Emirate is being used by the domestic sector - and water consumption continues to rise in Abu Dhabi as the economy and population continue to grow.

"The demand for potable water is set to double within the next two decades, placing an even bigger burden on this scarce commodity in our arid region. Other trends such as climate change and water misuse, only add to the challenge," she explains.

Bin Braik says it will require concerted efforts and a collaborative approach from Waterwise, the water sector, industries and individuals alike to play their part, no matter how small, to wisely manage this resource for the benefit of all.

Both Powerwise and Waterwise are looking to complement rather than compete with similar entities in their respective spheres. They therefore welcome collaboration through partnerships that focus on achieving water and energy efficiency on the larger scale. Powerwise and Waterwise will work closely with other Abu Dhabi Government entities.

Powerwise and Waterwise will participate at IWS from 15 - 17 January. They will be represented on The Bureau's interactive stand that can be visited any time between 10:00 and 18:00. The Bureau's stand (number 4430) is located in the Water & Energy Nexus, opposite ADNOC and EAD.