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23 Jul 2013

Successful summer campaign heads to Al Ain

Successful summer campaign heads to Al Ain

Abu Dhabi, 20 July 2013 – The successful “Turn it off. Stay in the green” summer campaign that has been engaging residents in Abu Dhabi for the past month is moving to Al Ain on July 20.  The campaign is led by Waterwise and Powerwise, initiatives of the Regulation and Supervision Bureau in collaboration with Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC)

The summer campaign is a reprises the theme of the successful ‘Easy tips to stay in the green’ campaign that was run when new water and electricity bills were launched last year., It is supported by the popular Waterwise and Powerwise interactive games that have attracted more than 1,000 players during the first phase of this summer event. With these games, visitors are placed in the setting of a virtual home and, in a race against time, have to make the best decisions on how to save water and electricity, guiding them towards greener solutions.

H.E. Mohammed Salem Bin Omair, AADC’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to run this campaign Al Ain, especially during the hot summer months when water and electricity consumption is at its highest.  It is important that residents of Al Ain are provided the right tools to guide them to use these resources efficiently and help to conserve them for our future generations.”

Launched earlier this year, the Wise Offices help residents of the Abu Dhabi Emirate to make smarter choices about their use of water and electricity. They also provide reliable data to key decision makers’ who plan utility networks.

“Water is a precious resource and we should all take it upon ourselves to consume it wisely. Through Waterwise’s various initiatives, we aim to provide consumers with the right tools and tips on how to conserve our precious resources.” said Khadija Bin Braik, Waterwise Manager. “Consumers can visit our new website, which provides interactive and useful information on how they can make a difference with regards to their consumptions and stay in the green.”

For more information on how to save on water and electricity consumption, visit:, and