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Powerwise Home Makeover

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The Powerwise Home Makeover Project will measure the energy savings achieved through home efficiency upgrades in Abu Dhabi households. Over the course of the project, Powerwise will select ten Abu Dhabi villas suitable for study, conduct energy audits of each of the homes, provide energy-efficiency upgrades to the villas and study the impact on electricity consumption.

This project will help Powerwise, the Government and other Abu Dhabi entities provide better programmes, initiatives and incentives to improve efficiency and reduce electricity consumption in the Emirate.

Powerwise has concluded Phases 1 and 2: Recruitment and the Home Energy Audit. 10 villas among Al Khalidiyah Village, Golf Gardens and Royal Marina have received their energy audits and we are now assessing potential energy efficiency improvements to implement in the Powerwise Home Makeover. The outcomes and recommendations of this assessment will be discussed with the participating households in the next phase.

A need for change

Electricity demand is steadily growing as a result of Abu Dhabi’s major economic and population growth, putting pressure on the energy sector. Powerwise, an initiative of the Regulation and Supervision Bureau launched in January 2013, aims to raise awareness and promote best practice in electricity conservation to help make sure we use electricity as efficiently as possible.

Guiding and helping consumers rationalise their energy consumption is one of Powerwise’s main objectives. In line with this, we are launching a project to help assess the effectiveness of home energy-efficiency upgrades to households’ overall electricity consumption.

The Powerwise Home Makeover

Research shows that regular household electricity use can be reduced with simple energy efficiency upgrades to the home, even before occupants make changes to how they use electricity. To evaluate how much an Abu Dhabi household could save with such upgrades, we will carry out a Powerwise Home Makeover in ten homes and study the actual effects over several months.

The Powerwise Home Makeover Project consists of the following phases:

Phase 1: Recruitment

We will seek applications from Abu Dhabi residents whose households meet the project’s suitability criteria and will select ten households from the pool of applicants that are most suitable for the project.

The minimum household selection criteria are:

  • Villas with 4 to 6 bedrooms
  • Electricity consumption is above 8,000 units per month, on average
  • Residents have lived at this location for at least one year and intend to do so for at least one more year

The ten households that are selected will move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Home energy audit

We will conduct a custom audit of all electrical appliances and installations throughout participants' homes and analyse their electricity consumption data. This will allow us to identify ways to improve each home’s energy efficiency and support the recommendations we will make for each Powerwise Home Makeover. 

Phase 3: Powerwise Home Makeover

We will implement the recommended energy-efficiency upgrades at no cost to participants and will show them how to use all the included upgrades most efficiently. All changes that are made in the Powerwise Home Makeover will belong to the participants to keep and enjoy even after completion of the project.

These changes may include:

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*CFL: compact fluorescent lamp, LED: light-emitting diode

Phase 4: Monitoring 

Once the Powerwise Home Makeover has been completed, we will start tracking and analysing each home’s electricity consumption and the effects of the efficiency upgrades.  Participants will not be required to make changes to how they consume electricity.  At the end of the Monitoring Phase, Powerwise will share results with participants and conclude the project. 

Project timeline

This Project consists of four phases implemented over approximately 12 months.

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Benefits to participants

Participation in the project will be very rewarding. The energy efficiency upgrades will be provided at no cost and will enable participants to save electricity and money on electricity bills long after the project is complete. More importantly, the knowledge that participants will gain throughout the project will enable them to save electricity and money thereafter.

Benefits to Abu Dhabi

In addition to helping ten Abu Dhabi households improve their energy efficiency and reduce their consumption, this project will also provide valuable information about the effectiveness of efficiency measures implemented. The data collected will help Powerwise, the Government and other Abu Dhabi entities provide better programmes, initiatives and incentives to improve efficiency and reduce electricity consumption in the Emirate.

More information

For further details about the Powerwise Home Makeover Project, please contact us.


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