How can I save electricity?

How can I save electricity?


The best renewable energy is what you don’t consume; saving electricity can be a lot easier than you might think. Just simple changes in lifestyle and habits can make a significant difference and positive impact on the environment. Not to mention the monetary savings on your electricity bills! Let’s look at some practical ways in which we can all help to conserve electricity - in the home, office and throughout our daily lives.

Air conditioning contributes to almost 70% of Abu Dhabi’s electricity consumption. This is not a surprising statistic, given the Emirate’s desert climate. Temperatures and humidity are both very high in the summer months.



  • Our Air Conditioning buying guide aims to help you make the right decision to help conserve electricity and reap the maximum rewards in terms of savings.

    1. Look for the Energy Efficiency Label. Energy Star models are the most energy efficient in any product category, exceeding the energy efficiency minimums set by the Emirates Authority for Standards & Metrology (ESMA). If you remember only one rule when you shop, remember to look for the Energy Star label and the Emirates Quality Mark. For more information on the Emirates Quality Mark visit the ESMA website.

    energy star 1

    2. Use the Energy Guide label. Some uninformed salespeople might tell you that the model you're looking at is the most efficient because it has an Energy Guide label. Not exactly. All new appliances must carry the Energy Guide label, either on the appliance itself or on the packaging. The label allows you to compare the typical annual energy consumption and operating cost of different models of any type of appliance you're thinking of buying. Please find the below table to know how the star classification. For more information visit ESMA website.


              star rating EN v2

    3. Get the right size. Make sure the product you're buying suits your needs. Oversized air conditioners waste energy and money; in many cases they also don't perform as well.

    4. Think long-term. Many of the most energy-efficient appliances cost more initially, but they'll save you money in the long run. Expect to keep most major appliances between 10 and 20 years. A more efficient AC unit soon pays for itself; lower monthly utility bills over the lifetime of the AC will more than offset a higher purchase price.