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Powerwise and the Bureau support Abu Dhabi and Al Ain distribution companies, partners and various public initiatives to educate, inspire and enable greater energy efficiency across the emirate.
Previous initiatives

New Bills

In an effort to promote the sustainable use of water and electricity in Abu Dhabi, the Regulation & Supervision Bureau, along with ADDC and AADC, introduced a new utility bill for water and for electricity in March 2012. Customers now receive separate bills for water and electricity that are easier to read and provide additional information about their consumption to help them make smart decisions about the ways in which they consume water and electricity. The new bills also show the actual cost of supplying water and electricity to customers as well as the government’s subsidy—the part of the cost paid by the government—and a box for targeted messages to customers.

Why the new bills?

With the upward trend in population and economic growth, the Government of Abu Dhabi is aware of the pressure this puts on the country’s resources. The Government is taking steps now to help ensure the continuous and secure supply of water and electricity for the future. The new bills are one way to help address our current issues of consumption and influence long-term behavioural change towards more sustainable and efficient water and electricity usage.

What’s different?

click the image to download the PDF version:

New Bill explained v3

The new bills present the following key features:
  • Water and Electricity bills are now separate waterandelectricity icon
  • The government subsidy is shown subsidy chart icon
  • Green and red bands show your consumption rates initiative ideal consumption2

The new consumption bands on your bills show you the average range for water and electricity use in Abu Dhabi and help you manage your own consumption. Consumption bands are based on annual averages for apartments and for villas. The portion in the green band is the amount you have consumed that is within the ideal average range. If you have consumed more than that, the excess appears in the red band. If you are “in the red” (and even if you are already “in the green”), Waterwise and Powerwise provide many helpful tips on their websites to help you reduce your use and lower your utility bills at the same time.

The bands for each property type are as follows:

initiative chart 2 EN

Awareness Campaign

An awareness campaign for the launch of new bills was rolled out in the Emirate through media channels, bill inserts and customer service centres in preparation for the launch in March, 2012. The campaign introduced the new bill designs and additional information to customers before going live.

campaign flyersinitative red green 2
lamp-posts awarness img 2