Why save electricity?


Abu Dhabi is committed to ensuring that all its residents continue to enjoy a reliable supply of electricity, even as the population and the emirate’s economy continue to grow at an unprecedented pace. Huge investments are already planned to support the growing electricity demand.
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As Abu Dhabi residents, we can help the government in its pursuit by working to make those investments more efficient and supporting a positive future for everyone. Saving electricity in our daily lives will not only help reduce electricity bills, it will also save unnecessary demand, which will reduce the need to keep extra generation capacity during the day.

Collectively, we can produce a real change by reducing our consumption. By using the principles of energy conservation, by rationalising the use of electricity and being more mindful of how and where we consume it, we can make a real and positive impact on the future of energy production in Abu Dhabi.


Making changes in our consumption habits so that we are more conservative is becoming essential. Our modern lifestyle and the hot and humid climate in Abu Dhabi, makes this a real necessity to ease the pressure on our resources.

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