Why save electricity?

Current electricity situation

As a modern society, electricity is considered essential for the everyday aspects of our life. We use electricity for almost everything we do on daily basis. Abu Dhabi is a modern city where safe and continuous supply of electricity is accessible to all.
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Although Abu Dhabi is a regional leader in developing renewable energy sources, electricity is generated in Abu Dhabi through gas-fired power plants. Many of those power plants are of a combined cycle type (Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines in combined-cycle generation arrangement).

current electricity situation overview 1Electricity and Water production is often combined in those power plants through connected desalination plants.

The produced electricity is transmitted through a modern high voltage transmission network (Over-head transmission Lines, Under-ground cables, and transmission substations) which in turn connect to a medium voltage distribution network which supply distribution substations that supply electricity to every house in Abu Dhabi.

Some people know that, many don’t, and most don’t realize the energy, effort and process required for that seemingly endless and reliable supply of electricity that powers our daily life. Powerwise wants the residents of Abu Dhabi to value and appreciate electricity and be mindful about consuming this valuable resource; we believe that understanding is the first step.

Our goal is to make people realise the scale, effort, resources, to produce and supply such continuous and reliable electricity. Abu Dhabi has a desert climate where Air Conditioning (AC) is necessary to maintain a modern society. Summer temperatures can reach as high as 46-50 Degrees. Humidity is also high during the summer and most of the year. Cooling and Air Conditioning is responsible for 70% of the peak electricity load in the summer.

Currently, the majority of Abu Dhabi’s electricity is generated from natural gas. In order to reduce its reliance on natural gas, Abu Dhabi is also investing in renewable energy sources to ensure safe and carbon-free future supplies of electricity utilising these new technologies. The Abu Dhabi government’s aim is to produce 7% of the emirate’s electricity needs through renewable sources by the year 2020. This will account for approximately 1.5GW of electricity, generated using photo-voltaic, wind turbines, and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) sources.

Nuclear power plants are also being built to support the growing demand on electricity. Starting in 2017, a total of four reactors will be commissioned each year; together the reactors will supply the Abu Dhabi community with a total of 5.6GW of electricity by 2020.

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The demand for electricity has been growing in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to support the economic and population growth. In fact, the peak demand has almost doubled over the last ten years and it places tremendous pressure on the electricity grid. Maintaining secure and efficient supply during peak periods is becoming increasingly challenging. However, Abu Dhabi rises to the challenge and continues to provide a reliable electricity supply. 

Electricity Demand Growth in Abu Dhabi